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Other Badugi Sites and Resources

We are proud to say that our site contains some of the best and largest resources related specifically to the game of badugi poker on the internet. We added some other useful websites and resources related just to badugi in case you did not find what you are looking for or if you would like to visit other resources. Our site is not affiliated with any of the sites listed below in any way and we will try to keep this list updated.

Badugi Poker Related Websites and Resources

  • Wikipedia Badugi Guide - You will find useful information about the game at Wikipedia but not as much as you would on our site. Wiki also has guides to all sorts of other poker games.

  • PokerStars Badugi Guide - has a small guide to badugi and is one of the places that proudly advertise on our site because they are the greatest online poker rooms on the net.

  • Poker Babes Badugi Rules - A short and useful guide to badugi poker from a very large and reputable general poker website.

  • Play Badugi - You may have come across this site before if you searched for bagudi. This site is a clean and organized guide to badgui poker or what they call it: "poker with rainbow hands"

  • Badugi Poker Rules - Another clean site that teaches badugi and has a few guides about how to play the game and a few of the rules.

  • Badugi Player - Another blog related to badugi with useful tips about tournaments and odds. It hasn't been updated in awhile but there is some useful information.

  • Badugi Club - A nice looking and small site known as the badugi club with a few useful guides to badugi poker.

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