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Baduci Poker Guide

Baduci poker is a type of poker game that is similar to Badugi Poker. Note that Baduci is not a typo for Badugi and it is actually a separate poker game. Basically this game is a cross between the Badugi and deuce to seven (2-7) Triple Draw poker games and it uses many of the same rules. When playing a round of this game, the pot gets divided between two different hands. One half of the pot is awarded to the player with the best Badugi hand and the other half goes to the person with the best 2 to 7 triple draw hand. Note that this game is also known as Badeucy or Badeudcey Poker.

Baduci Poker Rules

On the Badugi rules page, the objective is to get the lowest possible hand. Preferably an off-suited four card hand is the highest scoring. The best Badugi hand is A234, which is basically an off-suited ace low straight. The ace is not high in this game either. Basically when a player is dealt a pair or any suited cards (flush), then they must remove the highest ranked suited cards or one of the cards making up the pair, three of a kind or four of a kind. Removing one of these cards will turn a four card hand into a three card hand and all four card hands will beat out a three card hand and so on. This is just the first half of the Baduci Rules.

The other Baduci rules include 2-7 triple draw game concepts. In this game, you don't want the ace (you do want an ace with Badugi). So the lowest ranked card is a two and the highest ranked card is the ace. So your odds are bad for winning this part of the Baduci pot if you have any aces dealt to you. The objective is to get the lowest straight possible with a two low through seven or 2-7. Also note when playing Baduci, players are dealt 5 cards.

How to Play Baduci Poker

First, all players put in their small blinds and big blinds, which are pretty much the "ante" bets of the round. Then each player is dealt 5 cards and the rounds of drawing and betting begin. There are three rounds of betting with a round of drawing afterwards where players can draw up to three cards. Finally there is a fourth and final round of betting before the showdown where everyone shows their cards. After the showdown, the pot is split between the person with the best Badugi hand and the best 2-7 triple draw hand. In some cases both pots can be won by the same person with the best Baduci hand.

Players can call and fold in this game just like with Texas Holdem and normal poker games. They can also raise and re-raise the bet as well and the pot can be no-limit, fixed or pot-limited. Since this is a draw poker game, players can draw up to three cards in order to make better hands. The Badugi hand is calculated by 4 cards from your 5 card combination, and the triple draw hand is calculated using all 5 cards in your hand. So Baduci poker is like playing two games at one time and it requires some thinking and strategy.

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