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Baduci Poker Strategy

Baduci follows rules from both Badugi and 2-7 triple draw poker games so the strategy is going to involve a combination between the two as well. Baduci is actually kind of a rare poker game but it is gaining traction among poker players. First, if you are a beginner or don't know how to play, then check out our Baduci poker page to learn how to play the game and understand the rules. The strategy on this page will follow those rules to help you win more.

Baduci Poker Tips

Playing Baduci is like playing two separate poker games and the pot is actually split at the showdown. This is similar to a Hi/Lo type of card game where some people will win half the pot and others will win both pots at the same time. You need to direct your strategy to figuring out which pot you can win and how to determine which cards will win with each pot.

The general Baduci poker strategy is to form the lowest hand possible because this is a "lowball" variation of poker. In Badugi, the ace is the lowest card and you are using 4 of your 5 cards to form the best hand. You can only use 4 cards in Badugi because you must get rid of any pairs, three of a kinds and four of a kinds as well as suited cards (flushes). The most powerful hand in Badugi for example is a 4-card, off-suited, ace low straight (A-2-3-4). In deuce to seven triple draw, the ace is always high and you are using all 5 of your cards to form the lowest hand possible. An important tip is to note that this hand must not be a straight. For example, the best hand in 2-7 triple draw is a (2-3-4-5-7) and not a (2-3-4-5-6).

Knowing this information, the best Baduci hand needed to "scoop" the pot or take both halves would be the same as the best 2-7 triple draw hand of (2-3-4-5-7). This is the most optimal hand because it is still extremely low and very good for winning the Badugi side of the pot. Although an offsuited (A,2,3,4) would win the Badugi portion of the pot but would likely lose the triple draw pot because of the high ace value. So remember this tip when playing Baduci poker.

Strategy for Winning Baduci Pots

When you are dealt your hand, you need to decide whether it is worth going after half a pot or try to scoop the pot. Now when you get your starting hand, you will want to have at least 2 good cards. These are like the face cards for regular poker. Except in this case, the premium cards are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Having two of these cards are good because you have three draw rounds where you can only draw 3 cards. If you have 2 good cards, then you will have 3 remaining bad cards which you have three chances of trading in and drawing more.

The other part of the strategy involves the ace card. If you have three or more cards that have a value of 7 or less and you also have an ace, then it is best to start building a good badugi hand and concentrate on one half of the pot. It also depends on what suit your cards are. If they are all suited, then it may just be best to get rid of the ace and go for the triple draw pot or even the entire Baduci pot.

In order to keep winning at Baduci, you will need to be winning at least one of the two pots. That's why if you are only one card away and you still have one more draw phase left, then go for it. Otherwise you can fold. The objective of the game is to scoop the pot or take the entire thing. So the goal is to get that best 2-7 hand in order to secure at least half the pot. A powerful Badugi hand between an ace and seven can still beat you for only one half of the pot though, but your overall odds of scooping the pot are much better with a deuce to seven hand.

The strategy is not so hard after all. Whatever wins for 2-7 triple draw will most likely win for Baduci and both pots. The strategy noted above is for tight players pretty much. You will likely be folding most of the time, but you will have a higher win percentage if you stay conservative.

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