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Poker Dictionary - Glossary of Terms, Slang and Acronyms

Poker is such a large subject with hundreds of different games and I'm sure you have heard many strange words, slang and jargon being used. If you are playing online, you may have also seen acronyms of words but do not know what they mean in the chat room or in the lobby itself as a way describe tables and tournaments. This page will serve as an all in one dictionary and glossary of terms for poker. This dictionary will list words in alphabetical order so you can quickly find what you are searching for. We will put the term or acronym in bold followed by the meaning of the poker related word. Also, this glossary will try to condense all the words you will hear about in any poker game into this one page so you can quickly find the "what is" or "what does _ mean" definitions of each term on one page.

All In - This is a term that refers to when a player wagers all of their chips and puts them all in on a single bet.

Ante - A type of bet that is required from everyone at the table before the cards are dealt. An ante can also be in addition to regular blinds or during poker tournaments.

Bankroll - This word is defined as the total amount of money you have in your online poker account or chip count.

Big Blind - Big blind is the largest required bet on a table out of the "blinds". On a table with $1/$2 blinds, the big blind would be $2. The blinds and dealer position rotates clockwise around the table at the end of each round. One person pays the big blind and the person to your immediate right pays the small blind. On the very next hand, you would be required to pay the small blind and the person to your immediate left would pay the big blind.

Bring In - Another type of required bet that a player must make in order to bring in action to a game. Typically, whoever has the lowest or highest card will have to pay the bring in or fold.

Button - The button is a type of marker that rotates around the table after each hand and marks who the dealer should be. If you are not playing at a casino or online, then players on the button usually have to deal the cards out. Usually, the person who is on the button is the last to act and has the advantage of seeing what everyone else as done beforehand.

Buy In - The buy-in is basically the required entry fee or cost required to enter a tournament. A "buy in" of $5 means that you need to pay $5 to enter that particular tournament or sit-n-go.

Call - When an opponent makes a bet and it is your turn to take action, you must either call or fold your cards. Calling means that you put money into the pot and match the same amount of money that your opponent has wagered.

Check - Checking is an option a player can do when playing poker. If they do not want to bet money, they can pass their turn to the next player without taking any action, known as checking.

Door Card - Door card is a slang word used for the "up card" that is facing up in a 7 card stud game after the initial deal of two face down cards and one face up.

Fold - The definition of fold means that a player gives up their hand. Usually when players have a weak hand and someone else makes a large bet, then the player will typically fold their cards and forfeit the hand as well as winnings from the pot.

FPP - This is a jargon and slang acronym that is commonly used at and it stands for "Frequent Player Points". These are points that players can accumulate for being a frequent and loyal player and they can be earned by participating in a hand with a large rake-in or in tournaments. FPP points can be exchanged for money, free buy-ins for tournaments and hundreds of other items.

Freeroll - A freeroll is a type of tournament that requires no buy in and players can win real money. Usually freerolls are sponsored by the casino or online poker room and involves many people. Some freerolls have prizes that include entry into big money tournaments and usually small amounts of money.

Heads Up - This is a term for when the number of players dwindles down until there are two people left. Heads up is basically a slang for a 1 on 1 duel.

Hole Cards - Hole cards are those that are facing down so that no one else can see except the person who is dealt a hole card.

Kamikaze - This can stand for two different things. Kamikaze is a term used when players are dealt a pair of kings (KK) or for a crazy player who is going all in on every single hand for no reason.

MTT - This is an acronym for "Multiple Table Tournament".

Muck - The definition of muck refers to when a player does not show their cards after losing during a showdown. Muck can also be refered to as the pile of burned or dead cards used up and put into a pile.

No Limit - The definition of this term refers to a table with no betting limits. A no-limit table means there are no limits to how much money you can wager at a single time. No limit tables are often frequented by players in Texas Holdem and those who would like the option to go "all in" and bet everything on a single poker hand.

Nuts - Nuts refers to the best possible hand in a poker game. Also known as lock, having the nuts, nut hands or hands on nuts.

PL - Another acronym that stands for "Pot Limit", which is commonly found as a status for a poker table with a pot limit.

PLO - Acronym for Pot Limit Omaha poker

PLO8 - The same thing as Pot Limit Omaha 8 and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo.

Pocket Pairs - In Holdem games, a pocket pair means that the pocket cards dealt to a player are pairs.

Pocket Rockets - A popular slang jargon word for having a pair of aces (AA) in Holdem poker. It is the most powerful and best initial pocket hand to be dealt.

Raise - Raising is an option that players can do after someone else has wagered chips into the pot. If you raise, then you are matching that player's original bet in addition to adding more money to the pot, which everyone else has to match.

Showdown - A showdown is what happens after all rounds of betting are complete, all the cards are dealt out and there are two or more people still left in play. Players then reveal their cards during the showdown to determine who the winner is.

Sit and Go - A "sit and go", or also known as just "sit-n-go" is a type of small tournament without a particular scheduled time. Players can "sit" by paying the buy in fee and wait for the required number of people to register. When enough people have registered, the tournament starts or "goes". These are typically 1 or 2 table tournaments but they can be much larger.

Small Blind - The small blind is one of the blind bets that players must make a regular times. The "blinds" typically rotate round the table clockwise after each hand of poker. One person must pay the big bling and the other person must pay the small blinds. For example, if you are playing on a table with $1/$2 blinds, the small blind would be $1.

Wheel - An Ace-low straight consisting of A-2-3-4-5

WSOP - This is a widely famous acronym that stands for World Series Of Poker. WSOP is one of the largest and most famous poker organizations. They typically televise multi-million dollar tournaments on ESPN.

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