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HORSE Poker Game

HORSE poker is also known as H.O.R.S.E poker. Each letter stands for a different type of poker game being played. The game of HORSE is made up of 5 different games that alternate in a cycle each round. H stands for texas Holdem, O stands for Omaha stud eights or better, R stands for Razz poker, S stands for seven card Stud and E stands for seven card stud Eights or better. That is pretty much what this game is for those who are wondering what HORSE poker is.

Play HORSE poker over the internet at Carbon Poker

HORSE poker can be played online along with each of the individual games that make up HORSE including many more games. These games are all found at one place: Carbon Poker. This game can be played with many people at a single table and it is a great game for more experienced players who understand all the games and rules for each one.

Learn how to play HORSE poker tutorial for free

Learning how to play HORSE is simple; just learn how to play texas holdem, omaha stud, razz poker, seven card stud, and seven card stud eights or better. Probably the best place to learn HORSE poker is right at Carbon Poker or Pokerstars. When a player signs up for an account, they can view the HORSE poker tutorial and learn how to play. Even when the tutorial is done, players can play for free with fake money against other players or the computer to gain practice before moving on to real money games. Players can then bet real money in HORSE poker.

HORSE poker strategies, tips and HORSE poker rules

This game is actually very fun because it changes after each round so players always need to be ahead of the game. Once the rules of the game are known, it's very easy to develop strategies and take advantage of the tips. An experienced HORSE poker player can win a lot of money against less than experienced players.

Play HORSE Poker online at Carbon Poker Room

No limit and fixed limit HORSE poker tournament and freeroll games

Like texas holdem and stud poker, HORSE games can be played no limit or with a fixed limit and pot limit betting system. Players can even play HORSE poker in the freerolls and tournaments happening online. The game is well known and has been played in the world series of poker "WSOP". Other variations of the game are HOSE and CHORSE poker where the C stands for Crazy pineapple.

HORSE poker match bonus and HORSE promotional codes

I bring up carbon poker because their site is offering one of the biggest poker bonuses on the internet. Currently their promotion is a 200% match bonus on deposit. This means when a player deposits $100, carbon poker will match $200. The player will have a total of $300 to play all poker games and HORSE.

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