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7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Eights or Better Poker

7 card stud hi/lo is played exactly the same way as regular 7 card stud poker. The only difference is the pot gets split at the end of the poker round between the high hand and the low hand. This difference is pretty much the same as that described in Omaha hi/lo poker as well. Seven card stud hi/lo is also known as eights or better stud poker.

Seven card stud hi/lo poker for US players

US players are now allowed to gamble for real money at poker sites. Actually, most poker sites such as Pokerstars always allowed and accepted US players to play in their poker room. Poker was considered a game of sports and wits which required real strategy in order to win. The poker sites here on lol poker will allow USA players to sign up and play 7 card stud hi/lo along with other poker games.

Learn how 7 card stud eights or better poker dealing works

Seven card stud eights or better has exactly the same dealing and betting system as regular seven card stud. First each player makes an ante and is dealt two face down cards (which the player can look at) and a face up card that the table can see. Then the first round of betting takes place before an alternation of a fourth, fifth and sixth street card is dealt with betting in between. Then the river card "seventh street" is played and this card is faced down so the rest of the table can't see it. Finally the showdown takes place and the winner takes the pot.

The rules on how to play seven card stud hi/lo tutorial

Now here comes the difference between regular seven card stud poker and seven card stud hi/lo. The first objective is to get the highest hand possible just like in any other poker game where ace is high. The winner of the highest hand will win half the pot, or the high pot. The second objective is a little more exotic. Players are now trying to get the lowest hand possible with eights or better. The catch is eights or better means that cards lower than eight is "better". So in the low hand determination, ace is low and the player is trying to get a 5 card hand with all cards lower than eights. If a player doesn't have 5 cards lower than eight, they will not qualify.

7 card stud hi/lo strategies and tips

This is where the strategy comes in. When a player is playing a hi/lo game, the high end of the pot is easy to shoot for, the highest hand possible is a royal flush, followed by a straight flush and four of a kind. Now the strategy of the low hand is to get a straight from ace to five or A-2-3-4-5, which is the best hand for determining who will win the low pot, which is also half of the total pot. So the tip here is you want to be dealt low and high cards, so middle cards are not what you are looking for. Aces give the best odds because players can use those to make the best high hand and best low hand at the same time!

This may seem a little confusing for someone who has never played 7 card stud hi/lo. Fortunately, there are tutorials right at the poker rooms. When you play poker online, players need to download the free poker software and create an account so they can play against other players online. Carbon Poker is like Pokerstars, only with a few extra games. These poker sites allow players to enter tutorial rooms where they can learn how to play seven card stud hi/lo and any other poker game available for free. When players feel confident enough, they can either keep playing with fake money chips and continue practicing poker for free against real people or the computer, or they can move on to real money games. Players can then play 7 card stud hi/lo against real players with real money.

There are different levels of tables available so players can make wagers of 1 cent in the penny rooms, or move up into the nickel, dimes and quarter betting rooms. High rollers can play in the dollar ante rooms and even up to $1000 bets. Some pots have reached in excess of $50000 in a single hand of high roller 7 card stud hi/lo.

Pot limit and no limit seven card stud hi/lo

Just like regular 7 card stud poker, hi/lo is usually a pot limit or fixed limit game which allows only fixed discrete betting amounts. Fixed limit is also known as spread limit. No limit stud hi/lo is rare but Carbon Poker allows no limit poker games. There are plenty of betting limit variants for 7 card stud hi/lo poker to choose from.

7 card stud eights or better tournaments and hi/lo freerolls

There is plenty of tournaments and freerolls daily and an unlimited number of sit and go tourneys available at Carbon Poker as well. Tournaments can be very large with thousands of people or just a single table depending on what people like playing. They usually require a fixed buy in, which is a payment to enter the tournament. This buy ranges from a dollar to thousands of dollars, which all get through into a prize pool pot for the winners. Freerolls are tournaments in which players can enter a tournament for free and the poker site sponsors the pot, but these are less common to find since poker sites are giving money away for free. This means you can sign up at Carbon Poker and not deposit any money, and still win thousands of dollars in a freeroll! These freerolls include 7 card stud hi/lo tourneys, texas holdem and others.

7 card stud hi/lo bonuses and promotion coupons

Last but not least, Carbon Poker is offering one of the best match bonuses on the internet out of all the other poker sites. They currently offer a 200% match on your deposit, so when a visitor deposits $100, they will match $200 to give the player a total of $300 to play 7 card stud hi/lo as well as all of the other poker games you want to play.

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