Our new dictionary and glossary of poker terms

There is a new glossary of poker terms that we added to our site just the other day. We also added a link just to the right in our online poker pages as well. We will try to grow this thing into a large compilation of words and terms in bold and order them alphabetically so you can find them easily. If you have ever played poker, you might have heard unusual slang or jargon words and you do not know what they mean.

There are also some acronyms that are often found in online poker games as well and we provide definitions of these words as well. For example, MTT stands for multiple table tournaments or PL stands for Pot Limit and so on. We will also try listing some terms used in the chat feature in online poker rooms as well.

We know that this dictionary doesn’t contain all of the terms around but we will try to add them as soon as we come across a new word. If there is one not listed in the glossary, please add it in the comments along with the definition and meaning of the word and we’ll try adding it to the main list. Visit this page and other pages to learn more about specific information. If you find the information valuable, please make a link to the page or bookmark it.