Where to play badugi poker online

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post on the blog about the history of badugi and I also mentioned a few places that offered the game. I wrote two articles that might be useful about where to play badugi online and playing badugi at PokerStars. So I will write a little guide about where you can play the game and the advantages of playing badugi at one poker room vs. another.

PokerStars is probably the best place to play badugi poker, mostly because of the sheer volume of players playing the game online at any given time. If you are into high stakes games, this is also the place to be because of their high limit blinds up to $200/$400. The high stakes can be a disadvantage because the lowest limit stakes are $0.25/$0.50, which I consider to be a bit high for the average player who enjoys the penny and nickel games. Although, they do have freerolls and many tournaments available with badugi in it.

PokerStars.com also offers badugi in fixed limit and pot limit games. Typically, you will find fixed limit games in the ring games but the pot limit games will be found in tournaments. There is almost no half-pot games though and you will rarely find badugi pot-limit rules in the ring games. On the bright side, they are offering 100% match bonuses up to $600 on your deposits and players can earn Frequent Player Points as well as leveling up a VIP status.

The second best place is Carbon Poker, which is a bit smaller than PokerStars, but is one of the only online poker rooms that has badugi available. The obvious drawback is the lack of players. You can get to know all of the players much easier and find their weaknesses but sometimes you just want more people to play against. Sometimes there is almost no activity, but there are a large number of players that come in during peak hours.

One of the advantages of Carbon is the fact that they have lower limit games such as $0.02/$0.04 penny games, but their upper stakes go up to $10/$20, which is fairly high, but not like PokerStars. They also have a much larger proportion of pot-limit and half-pot limit badugi games on their ring tables. The tournaments, along with sit and go’s and freerolls, include badugi poker. One thing that is really unique is their bad-beat bonuses. If a player runs into a bad beat during a hand, they can instantly win the “bad beat” jackpot, which can regularly be as high as $100,000. Their bonus is also equal to PokerStars with 100% match up to $600 on deposits.

If you are into online poker, I would recommend visiting these two places and reading about their services, especially if you are a fan of badugi and are looking for a place to play it online. Remember, both rooms have free “play money” games, which are great for practicing while you read our guides or if you are just learning the game.