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Omaha Poker Rules

Learning the rules of Omaha holdem is not too hard if you already know how to play Texas Holdem. We have another useful guide on learning how to play Omaha where you can learn more about the step-by-step process in a typical hand, the concept of the blinds and how each round of betting differs. We highly encourage new players to read all of our guides including the rules that we will explain below.

Rule 1: Omaha poker allows between 2 and 10 people to play the game. Also, the dealer deals out 4 hole cards to each person as well. Not all types of Omaha are like this though and some variations allow between 2 and 5 cards to be dealt. Note that if players are using 5 hole cards, then fewer people can play the game. Today, the standard is using 4 hole cards and this seems to be universal among gambling halls and online poker rooms.

Rule 2: One of the most important rules of Omaha is that players must use exactly two of their personal hole cards when forming a hand. It doesn't matter how many hole cards a player is using. That also means that only 3 community cards must be used. It is this strict combination of rules that make this game called Omaha. In fact, Omaha would be exactly the same as Texas holdem if the game uses two hole cards and players were not restricted and required to use both hole cards when forming a 5-card hand.

Rule 3: Usually, players are dealt 4 hole cards followed by a round of betting. Then the rules state that the dealer then deals out the flop or the first three cards onto the board, known as community cards. Another round of betting takes place before the turn or forth card is dealt, followed by more betting and a fifth river card being dealt. A final round of betting takes place before a showdown, where the winner is determined. So there are typically 4 rounds of betting that take place in a game of Omaha holdem.

Rule 4: Aces count as both high and low in this game. Therefore, players may use aces in high-end straights or royal flushes, but also in lowball ace-low straights, also known as the "wheel".

As you can see, these rules are pretty simple to learn and there isn't much to the game, at least when you are first starting out. Obviously, the strategy is a whole different ball game and that is where the game starts to become elaborate and where players can learn to become skillful. Check out our strategy guides and articles on the links menu to really build upon the basic rules of Omaha poker and start making big money.

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