Learning a few important rules in razz poker

Over the past week or so, we have added about 20 guides related to razz poker and I will go through some of the basics here on the blog and post a link to each of the articles. That way you can visit these pages and have access to all the other guides as well. The first thing we will talk about is the razz poker rules and how to play razz. I wrote a rules guide about a year ago but I decided to update it with better information.

Basically, the rules of razz is pretty straight forward. The game works just like 7 card stud played for a low pot. The goal is to make the strongest 5 card hand out of 7 total cards. The strongest cards are actually the lowest. The rules state that aces are counted as low and that the most powerful hand in razz is an ace low straight, known as the wheel (A-2-3-4-5).

The rules also say that straights and flushes do not count for anything. They neither harm or benefit your hand and are simply worth nothing. Even though the wheel is a straight, it is not the straight that actually makes it powerful, but just the low cards. Pairs of cards actually harm your hand since you must discard one of the pair cards. The second strongest hand is A-2-3-4-6 and the worst hand you can get is 9-10-J-Q-K.

Before the game, each player must pay a small ante before being dealt any cards. When players are first dealt their 3 cards, two of them will be faced down and are known as hole cards that only you can see. The third card is facing up, known as the door card. Whoever has the lowest ranking door card (king, queen, etc.) will be the one who must pay the bring-in bet. They must either pay this bet or fold. If they pay, they will be the first to bring in action and each player will begin taking turns betting.

After this is done, a 4th card will be dealt followed by another round a betting and then a 5th and 6th card each followed by rounds of betting. These cards will also be open cards or facing up. Finally, the 7th and last card will be dealt facing down so only the player can see the card. One more round of betting will take place before the showdown where the winner of the hand is determined. There are many strategies to take advantage of when dealing with these up cards that all the players can see so read more about it in the guides. I will also explain a few here on the blog later on.

Our new dictionary and glossary of poker terms

There is a new glossary of poker terms that we added to our site just the other day. We also added a link just to the right in our online poker pages as well. We will try to grow this thing into a large compilation of words and terms in bold and order them alphabetically so you can find them easily. If you have ever played poker, you might have heard unusual slang or jargon words and you do not know what they mean.

There are also some acronyms that are often found in online poker games as well and we provide definitions of these words as well. For example, MTT stands for multiple table tournaments or PL stands for Pot Limit and so on. We will also try listing some terms used in the chat feature in online poker rooms as well.

We know that this dictionary doesn’t contain all of the terms around but we will try to add them as soon as we come across a new word. If there is one not listed in the glossary, please add it in the comments along with the definition and meaning of the word and we’ll try adding it to the main list. Visit this page and other pages to learn more about specific information. If you find the information valuable, please make a link to the page or bookmark it.

Learn how to play Razz poker

Razz poker is another card game that is quickly becoming very popular these days. This is a fun game and is pretty easy to learn as well. I wrote an article about learning how to play razz poker. This introductory guide includes some links so you can learn the details about the game is played, the rules and some good strategies that you can use while playing.

Here is some of the shortened basics of the game that I will go through. Razz poker is a variation of a stud poker in which players are dealt 7 cards and the goal is to make the strongest 5 card hand. Except this time you are trying to make the lowest hand possible with aces being low. The strongest possible razz poker hand is an ace low straight known as the wheel or bicycle.

Betting works the same way as Texas Holdem as well, which is pretty easy. Players use big and small blinds while a dealer puck is passed around the table. Any hand is open for betting as well so you do not need to have an 8 or higher like some other stud poker games. Some tables require an ante as well. Then players are dealt 3 cards followed by a round of betting and another card is dealt after each round. Two cards will be face down and one will be face up. All the rest of the dealt card will be facing up except for the last and 7th card followed by the last round of betting and the showdown to win the pot.

This game can be played with fixed limit, no limit and pot limit rules applied to the table, which are extremely common and popular with other poker games. Even though razz is not as popular and mainstream as the other games, it is still available to play at Pokerstars and Carbon Poker, where players can play for free and with real money against real people.

Pokerstars European Poker Heist and Robbery in Berlin Germany

This is sort of old news but it is actually pretty interesting. If you didn’t hear about it, 4 men ran into a major poker tournament with machine guns to hold up the place and steal the money. Some say they ran off with about $1.2 million worth of money laying around at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin, Germany. Some new updates say they may have only ran off with between $100,000 and $400,000 instead, which is still some serious cash.

Apparently, one suspect was arrested and then set free after lack of evidence against him. Interestingly enough, this same suspect may have been involved in another robbery in 2004 with a major casino heist. In some sense, this heist sounds like something that would happen in the movies like with Oceans 11 or something from the old western days!

Although, you can’t blame the robbers since they probably saw all those bricks of $100 bills that you normally see in major poker tournaments! Here is one of those picture below:

poker tournament prize money

You can obviously see how tempting it would be for some of these guys to run off with just one of those bricks of $100 bills! 😉 The problem here is that the money is right there in cash. In other sports tournaments like the Super Bowl or the Powerball lottery, they just give out checks and the robbers wouldn’t be able to do anything like that. But when it comes to poker, people want to see the hard cold cash and all the piles of money laying around, like people normally do when playing poker.

Even at the banks, they don’t pile all this money out in the open. So in one way, they were just inviting a heist and it was actually an easy holdup to run in quickly and run out with the money. It makes one wonder if major poker tournaments or WSOP will be doing this tradition any longer, which would be sad because quite frankly, I think the big piles of money really adds to the tournaments. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) indicates that they will be beefing up their own security after this incident.

Learn how to play Badugi Poker

I wrote a guide with links to other various pages including rules and strategies. The article is: Learn how to play badugi poker, so check it out. In case you don’t know what this game is, you are not alone. In fact, this is not a very well known game here in the United States but it is very popular in Asia and elsewhere in the world. If you are serious about learning new poker games, this game is actually sort of important for a number of reasons.

One reason why you might want to learn about this game is the fact that many people don’t know how to play! This is a great way to take advantage of some of the new and inexperienced players, especially if there is some big money involved. In case you didn’t already know, Carbon Poker has this game readily available to play and there are a number of players actually playing this game, so check them out if you are interested.

Ok, now for the game itself, it really isn’t that hard to learn. Basically it’s a type of draw poker variant which involves 3 rounds of drawing cards and 4 rounds of betting in between. Players are dealt 4 cards and the objective of the game is to have 4 cards of different suits by the time the showdown happens. At the same time, you are trying to make the lowest straight possible where aces are low.

If a player gets a pair, three of a kind or four of a kind, then this is actually bad for Badugi poker. You would then have to give up your pairs and any matching suits, such as two spades or three hearts. The highest ranked hand is as given: A,2,3,4 and this hand is off-suited as well. If there are any matching suits, then you will only have a 3 card hand.

In addition, all 4 card hands are more powerful and higher ranking than all 3 card hands. Going further, any 3 card hand is more powerful than all 2 card hands and so on. This is pretty much the basics of Badugi poker. For more in depth details, check out the article our site mentioned above to view a few more pages about rules and specific strategies to really get good at this game.

lolPoker.com – Welcome to our new poker blog

Greetings everyone,

This is the first introductory post of our new lol poker blog. The topics that will be covered here will range from anything in general related to poker. We will talk about Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, Draw Poker, Stud Poker and much more. This blog is actually part of our formalized site at www.lolPoker.com where we have our articles and guides to learning just about any poker game you can think of. In fact, you can view some of the online poker pages on the side bar to the right.

We will try keeping the topic solely on poker and anything related to it such as strategy, rules and guides to help you learn the game. We will also provide tips and advice for intermediate and advanced players on an expert level. We’ll even keep up with some of the major promotions going on at various poker rooms and special bonuses for matching your deposits or just signing up with a welcome bonus.

Always remember that we will only promote just the top sites on the internet and the most reputable ones in the world. Our visitors are ensured that their money is safe with these major brands such as Pokerstars, Full Tilt and others. We will also try to keep up with tournament information as well and provide any information regarding major freerolls as well as big money tournaments. Please bookmark us and come back from time to time as it will take a long time for us to add all of the materials to make lol poker one of the most authoritative sites on the subject!