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Learn how to play Razz poker

Razz poker is another card game that is quickly becoming very popular these days. This is a fun game and is pretty easy to learn as well. I wrote an article about learning how to play razz poker. This introductory guide includes some links so you can learn the details about the game is played, the rules and some good strategies that you can use while playing.

Here is some of the shortened basics of the game that I will go through. Razz poker is a variation of a stud poker in which players are dealt 7 cards and the goal is to make the strongest 5 card hand. Except this time you are trying to make the lowest hand possible with aces being low. The strongest possible razz poker hand is an ace low straight known as the wheel or bicycle.

Betting works the same way as Texas Holdem as well, which is pretty easy. Players use big and small blinds while a dealer puck is passed around the table. Any hand is open for betting as well so you do not need to have an 8 or higher like some other stud poker games. Some tables require an ante as well. Then players are dealt 3 cards followed by a round of betting and another card is dealt after each round. Two cards will be face down and one will be face up. All the rest of the dealt card will be facing up except for the last and 7th card followed by the last round of betting and the showdown to win the pot.

This game can be played with fixed limit, no limit and pot limit rules applied to the table, which are extremely common and popular with other poker games. Even though razz is not as popular and mainstream as the other games, it is still available to play at Pokerstars and Carbon Poker, where players can play for free and with real money against real people.