Part 4 – Advanced guide to razz poker expert strategy

This is the last part of the 4 part strategy guide to razz poker. Check out the in-depth detailed article about advanced razz poker strategy for the informative strategy. I will write a basic run down of the strategy here in this post. Yesterday, we talked about different kinds of bluffing and when to really use the bluffs. Today we will talk about 4 common types of players you will come across and how to use advanced strategy to take advantage of each type of player.

There are four main types of players:

Tight and Aggressive

Tight and Passive

Loose and Aggressive

Loose and Passive

In short, the tight and aggressive player is very easy to spot. Tight players are conservative and tend to fold often but aggressive players tend to go all-in or raise when they get something good. So if you see a player folding on every hand and then suddenly raising like crazy, then you know that this is a player of the first type. The strategy with these players is to bluff more often and steal the antes early in the game since they will usually fold. If they suddenly start betting aggressively, this means they finally got their powerful hand that they have been waiting for, so it is wise to fold during this time.

The tight and passive player is harder to detect. They will usually fold often but when they get something good, they will just call your bets without raising aggressively. Watch these players to see how often they fold. If they fold often but then suddenly start calling your bets, they may be trying to slow-play their powerful cards and draw more money out of you so be cautious. Passive players tend to be more advanced and experts like to use the passive strategy often.

The loose player who is aggressive is another easy one to spot. They will usually bet money on every hand and call often, but they will become aggressive once they get something good. The strategy here is to not try bluffing them often because they are loose and will probably call your bluff. If the become aggressive, watch out because they will usually have the strong hand.

The loose and passive player is indisputably the most dangerous. They bet on every hand and will call all the bets, but they will not become aggressive when they get a killer razz poker hand. They will slow-play their powerful hand until the end and will usually draw out lots of money from other players at the same time. Again, restrain your bluffing and play tight with these kinds of players since they tend to be the most advanced.

Experts tend to use a combination of these player types in order to throw their opponents and competitors off their game. What I would recommend is tagging a note to each player and write down what kind of strategy they use. This way if you come across them in the future, you can remember their ways and take advantage of their playing style to win more money.